Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Why Would a Priest Need a Four-Door Car?

This unusual story from Autoguide caught my eye today.

It is about a blue 1976 Ford Escort coming up for auction.

My Dad had one of those.

Only it wasn't blue.

And it was only a Popular as opposed to this GL:
It only had two doors and had the more common round headlamps.
But the square lamps and extra doors on this particular Escort shouldn't justify an estimate of $300,000.
And the seller allegedly paid $690,000 for it in 2005.
But go back a couple of owners from him and you get to Pope John-Paul II.
So this car may be unique - or at the very least, extremely rare, in that it is a car that has been owned and driven by an actual saint.  I'm certainly not aware of Mother Teresa pootling about Calcutta in a Hindustan Ambassador.
But, despite all of the interesting information in the article, I am still left wondering, Why would a priest need a four-door car?

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