Thursday, 14 February 2019

A Glut of Car Shows

Gluttony is one of the Deadly Sins.

So is Laziness.

But they called it something different in those days.

Anyway, there's yet another new car show - or new doing-up cars show - it's on Dave and it's called "Lazy Boy Garage"

I watched the first two shows last night.  I quite liked it.

The opening credits are a bit misleading "For 10 years, the boys of the Lazy Boy Garage have been making money buying cars off the Internet and flipping them for profit."

That may all be technically true in bits but The Lazy Boy Garage is a brand new concept where the three presenters/mechanics/auctioneers don't leave the premises.

The presenters are Jonny Smith (from Fifth Gear), Tom Ford (formerly Fifth Gear currently Top Gear Magazine) and Tim Glover (a garage owner and mechanic apparently) They are stood in exactly the wrong order here:
The narration was quite funny, possibly because they got a comedian to do it - Jayde Adams - I'm guessing they gave her some free rein and hope she is a petrol-head:
This show mustn't be confused with Goblin Works Garage featuring Jimmy de Ville (recently started appearing in Fifth Gear), Anthony Partridge (a Canadian) and Helen Stanley (got tattoos) 
or Turbo Pickers featuring Dave Southall (Cockney hard geyser) and Paul Cowland (Salvage Hunters Classic Cars)
or Salvage Hunters Classic Cars featuring Drew Pritchard (Salvage Hunters) and Paul Cowland (Turbo Pickers)
or Car SOS or Wheeler Dealers or the American ones like Gas Monkey Garage or Sin City Motors or Detroit Steel or Wheeler Dealers.

I don't believe you can have too many shows like this but keeping up with them is quite tricky - they tend to be on Dave or Quest mostly for me.

And they need a collective noun.

A Spanner of Car Shows?
A Fleet of Car Shows?
A Showroom of Car Shows?

I quite like a Manifold of Car Shows.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Flint-Off The Road

This is the sixth post on the row with "accident" in the labels - although two of them were the same accident.

The new series of Top Gear starts on Sunday - the last with the good presenters.

None of them would have mangled a market stall in Mansfield.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Nearly an Octogone

But fortunately, the driver swerved out of the way.

Note the spelling.

Now a heptagon: nearly an octagon:
But a flat octopus on the A381 between Malborough and South Milton in Devon would represent an octo-gone.
Just surprised it wasn't Norfolk.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

I was driving along...and I saw this dragon!

Nice win for Wales on Friday.
Pity England had an even nicer one yesterday.

But that's beside the point.  Today's point involves a very impressive Welsh dragon - carved out of oak and overlooking the A5 in Gwynedd.
Today's BBC story tells of how, as a result of this dragon being there, there has been an accident and several near-misses on that stretch of road "which really does require a driver's full concentration."
It has been carved from a fallen tree - so is potentially moveable.
So maybe they should move it.
Perhaps to somewhere overlooking the road between Twickenham and The Principality Stadium.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Norfolk AGAIN!

Maybe the Norfolk Police are more media savvy than other police forces.

Or maybe a lot of idiots live in Norfolk.

Here is today's picture:
The story is here and tells of a driver stopped for "erratic driving" who had no tyre on the front wheel.  He's hardly got any wheel left on the front wheel.  Breathalyser readings showed more than three times the drink-drive limit so that could explain a few things.
I've decided that it's an old Seat Leon.
This is on the back of my most recent Norfolk story - which listed previous ones therein.
This particular story keeps going partly due to the media's fascination with Royals and also due to this woman who broke her wrist when The Duke of Edinburgh's Land Rover collided with the car she was in:
She has been cashing in big style since the accident appearing on Good Morning and selling stories to The Mirror.  I've not heard much of the driver or her baby who was also in the car he hit.
I suppose she couldn't sell out to The Sun because that it what The Duke is blaming for the crash.
Meanwhile her name is Emma FAIRWEATHER.