Friday, 1 June 2018

Goodbye, Old Friend

Yesterday, The BBC told us that Matt LeBlanc will be leaving Top Gear.
That's a shame.  I liked him in that role.  Even when he said "Top Gear" with the emphasis wrong.
We've still got him for the next series though - so there's no need to worry just yet.
Bit soon I think.
Strictly speaking, they don't actually need to replace him - but three presenters does seem to work very well for this type of show.
They could give a bigger input to Eddie Jordan and/or the lovely Sabine Schmitz.
The speculation currently includes Jodie Kidd - yes, I'll give that a thumbs up.
There's also Guy Martin - I could see that being OK.
There's also Dermot O'Leary and Rebecca Jackson.
No thank you.
Maybe they should look elsewhere within the cast of Friends:
Now I really like Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston but I'm not sure of their motoring pedigree.  While I quite like Lisa Kudrow, her character Phoebe annoyed me beyond belief so it's a no from me.
No, we need to look elsewhere within the world of US sitcoms.
Frasier? How I Met Your Mother? Big Bang Theory?
Ah, got it!
A right-wing Clarkson-esque elderly idiot:

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