Friday, 28 August 2015

Trevor's Back!

I asked Google for some famous Trevors.

I hadn't heard of most of the ones it came up with - somewhere along the line, the name Trevor has been taken over by young people - I'm not sure how given that the youngest Trevor I know of is Trevor Noah. The other Trevors that I had actually heard of were older Trevors - Trevor Nelson, Trevor Eve, Sir Trevor McDonald, Trevor Francis and the bloke above.

The name Trevor looks completely wrong after you've typed it in half-a-dozen times.

But that's all besides the point.

Although Trevor Eve & Trevor Nelson do have some motoring connections, the only reason I'm really using the name is that I read this Autocar article today about the rebirth of TVR (famously named after another Trevor)

Apparently, "The reborn TVR brand has already sold out its allocation for 2017, with the new company announcing that it has taken 250 deposits in just six weeks".  It's got both Gordon Murray and Cosworth on board so it is a serious concern, not a wind-up - oh yes I'd forgotten about Trevor Bayliss.

They still haven't decided on a location for their manufacturing but romantics like myself would be looking towards Blackpool - they may even be able to hire some of the old factory employees - which would be nice.  Ooh, Trevor Sinclair.

We won't see any actual cars until 2018 at the earliest but if they look anything like the imagining, then it's got to be good:

Saturday, 22 August 2015

What a Privilege

This mildly intriguing headline caught my eye on the Telegraph Motoring site:

Beware the silver Honda – the new menace of our time

Wow.  So I read on.  I mean, what could be so menacing about a car favoured by the more elderly driver?

Here's the story.  The gist is that a recent survey has found that British people find the type of car that commits the most offences is a silver Honda.  That is their wording by the way - I know that the drivers commit the offences - not usually the cars.

I suppose that there could just be one very prolific bad driver out there who lives near to where the survey was conducted and who happens to have a silver Honda.

Apparently, Audi drivers – who I would have put top – came top in just two areas: tailgating, and pulling out too slowly from junctions.  Tailgating most definitely and replace the word "slowly" with "quickly" and I'll agree the second point too.

So I decided to try and find out a bit more about the survey, described in the story as being "compiled by Privilege car insurance".

I couldn't find that survey but I did find a link to this Mirror story from July.  This stated that Lincoln and Portsmouth were the worst British cities for road-rage and that "Men aged 69, 79 and 50 are the top three worst offenders while women aged 39 are fourth most likely"  I turn 50 next year and my in-laws live in Manchester which came 10th in the city category so I'll need to be extra careful when visiting them for Christmas 2016.  This is all "according to a study by insurance firm Privilege."

I also found a link to a Huffington Post story from May declaring that "Women Are Better Drivers Than Men, According To A New Survey."  Clearly wrong, but that's beside the point - guess who the survey was by.  If you just guessed Aviva, re-read this post and try again.

I guess it must be cheaper to conduct a quick survey and send it as a story to a media outlet than to do good old-fashioned advertising.

But is it as effective?

Our survey says "NO".

Friday, 14 August 2015

Motoring Royalty


I saw a rather tatty L-reg Reliant Scimitar in a Tesco Car Park yesterday.  I explained to my son that every time you see one of these, you have to say, "Princess Anne had one of those."

Bacause she did.  In fact, she probably had more than one in her time.  Prince Charles might have had one too - I can't remember or be bothered to look it up.

However, their mother's tastes are more in line with my own.
It looks a bit younger than mine but basically it is the same car as featured in my green car political rant from March.

Anyway, from now on, whenever you see my car, or one like it, you have to say, "The Queen drives one of those."

Thursday, 6 August 2015

2 Scary

I quite like the various incarnations of the BBC2 logo:

Although this one is probably the only one with even a remote relevance to a car blog:
But this one is just plain weird: 
It is actually a robotised charging unit that Tesla have created to remove the need for drivers to plug in their cars.  This gif is speeded up quite a bit, the Youtube video in this Car+Driver story shows it taking about 30 seconds - and not quite so nightmare-inducing - but I still wouldn't stand too close to it.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

No-Lympic Games

Formula e could join the Olympics in 2020.  So says Autoguide.
No it couldn't.

And no it shouldn't.

Jean Todt, a man I have quite a bit of time for and current head of the FIA has suggested it.

I like formula e - I watched and enjoyed many of the races in this inaugural season.

I can't say I'm a fan of The Olympics but I did enjoy the London ones in 2012 despite the Mail wanting to put a downer on them.  Then again, if ever I'm not sure about something - I find out The Mail's view and safely know that the opposing view is the correct one.

The logistics of this suggestion make it a non-starter - would they all use the same car? would it be the car's nationality or the driver's that would get the medals?  Are these drivers athletes in the true Olympic tradition?  Would the orginal marathon in Ancient Greece have been as impressive if a Vauxhall Ampera was involved?

Actually, it probably would given how few and far between the charging points are.