Saturday, 23 June 2012

Not Very Smart

This story made me laugh when I read it in my local free-paper, The Wirral Globe.

It follows on from my 2010 post about the spy-cars that Wirral Borough Council are using to bring in revenue/stop illegal and dangerous parking*

*delete as applicable

My opinion of parking enforcement operatives isn't that high - despite eco-friendly ones getting in the papers. The guy in charge of this car managed to open his door as a bus was coming along with the result as seen in these pictures.

The Council were keen to play down the incident - a spokesperson said: "A CCTV vehicle operated by NSL was involved in a minor road traffic collision with a bus whilst carrying out parking enforcement activity on behalf of Wirral Council. Nobody was injured, although both vehicles were damaged and were taken off the road for repair.

A replacement CCTV vehicle has been deployed by NSL so there will be no gap in the provision of parking enforcement services."

The Council are obviously more concerned that they are still getting in revenue rather than looking at what caused this.

Surely, either the Spy-car was parked dangerously or the bus driver was driving too close to parked vehicles. In either case, the Spy-car driver should have looked in his mirror before opening the door - buses are quite big.

The article keeps referring to the Spy-car as a Smart. It is true that the first Spy-cars in use here were Smarts (I refer you back to my 2010 article) but this is a Toyota iQ (or possibly an Aston Martin Cygnet - but if it is a Cygnet then the Council have too much money and I want a refund of my Council Tax)

It doesn't make a lot of difference if it is a Smart or an iQ apart from the fact that I should rename this post to mention traffic wardens not having much in the way of IQ.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Baby Alarm

I feel dirty.

But then again, I always do when I visit the Fox News Website. An American bit of the grimy Murdoch empire that regularly spews right-wing bile and half-truths to the gullible.But their motoring section is usually quite good.

Today we have this story.

It's about a new car baby-seat available in the Autumn (sorry, "the Fall") which will automatically alert your Smartphone if there is a problem.

Problems can include leaving your kid in a hot car unattended!

I wonder if it works for dogs?And I wonder if it will stop you leaving a kid behind in the pub?

Monday, 11 June 2012

'Ullo John, Gotta New Motoring Correspondent?

The very right-wing Telegraph now has a very left-wing motoring correspondent. I commented a while back how James May's regular Telegraph column seemed to have fizzled out and I had noticed that Alexei Sayle's picture had been regularly appearing there.

I had figured that he had just done one interview for them (an item on the electric Citroën C-Zero - a car identical to the Mitsubishi i-Miev that I disliked so much earlier this month)

If I'd been a bit more observant, I'd have noticed that there has actually been a new piece from him every month since this March.

The Telegraph try and justify Alexei's presence to their readership with an interview rounding off the rough edges and headlined in a way to have a dig at Labour.

But they don't have to justify anything to me. I've been a fan of Alexei right back to The Young Ones days - I love his downright daft take on life and will be regularly checking in here for a comedic take on motoring.

Hang on a mo' though - if I want a comedic take on motoring - I need to be checking in here!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Evo Schtick

A story in Autoguide about how a Mitsubishi Mirage Evo Hatch is a possibility.

My initial reaction was "What is a Mitsubishi Mirage?" We don't have them in the UK.

My follow-up reaction after taking in this picture......was "Bloody Hell - that's bland!"

Apart from anything else, how can a car like that share it's name with a plane like this?...Anyway, an Evo version might be OK but I can't see it taking off.

Checking out the UK Mitsubishi range, it seems like there is a big hole in it. You've got the quite passable Colt and the quite ugly little electric i-Miev:...Tata Nano anyone? Sticking silly graphics on the side doesn't make it any prettier you know.

And then they do the big cars starting with the proper Evo - based on the Lancer - which itself doesn't seem that big until you add on all of the Evo gubbins.

So we could have the basic Lancer to fill that gap - except they tried that and it didn't sell.

So how about the Mirage?

Err, no thanks!

We'll take the hole please.