Monday, 30 July 2018

Wet Van Man

After weeks of hot dry weather, it finally broke this week.

I blame myself - I bought two pairs of shorts on Thursday.

Since then - downpours!

Talking of wetness, this YouTube action looks fun.

I'd do it myself.


But in Canada, where this rear-facing dashcam footage was recorded, there were most definitely pedestrians around.

The BBC have the story here.  The van belongs to facilities management company Black & McDonald - who promptly apologised and sacked the driver.


One of the services they provide is "Storm Response & Restoration" - but I don't think that is what they meant by it.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Stock Response

My most recent two posts have been about football and about a small hatchback with bits missing.

This one combines the two.
It comes from this BBC story.
Some football pitches have running tracks around them.
Ballymena United's has a racetrack running around it.
And we aren't talking Formula One.
Inevitably in Stock car Racing and Banger Racing, cars may just, ever so slightly, COLLIDE!
So the odd one is getting shunted on to the pitch - and churning it up.  This isn't damage that can be easily remedied by a bloke wandering on to the pitch with a hoe at half-time.
Maybe they should change their name to Ballymena ROVERS.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Driving With Pliers

No, not a Chaka Demus reference.
It is actually a reference to this BBC story today.
It is about this car, pulled over by Norfolk Police:
You can just about make out that it is a Peugeot 206.
I've driven one or two Peugeot 206s.  I don't like them because the pedals are offset.
But this one seems to have a few more issues: a flat tyre.
And no door card.
Oh yes, and no front bumper or wings. Or steering wheel. Or driver's seat.
Instead of the steering wheel, the driver has gone with some Mole Grips (aka Locking Pliers) while seating is provided by an upturned, rather battered, tin bucket.

NFN I guess.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Not Coming Home

It's been about two weeks since my last post.

Partly because there hasn't been much car news.

And partly because I've been engrossed in the Football.

I have dual-nationality - I'm mostly Welsh but when there is a major football tournament going on I tend to be English.

And this major tournament has been better than most from an English perspective.

We did play in Samara last week so it is an excuse to mention the Lada Samara:
But today The BBC gave us a story combining traffic AND The World Cup.

Apparently, according to The RAC, traffic was going to peak between 4pm and 6pm this afternoon/evening due to us England fans commuting home in time for our semi-final against Croatia.

I was one of those commuters and didn't notice any extra traffic on the bit of motorway I was using.

I did notice us lose to Croatia though - this makes me mostly Welsh again.

The English boys have done their country proud though - they are only young and they got a lot further than most would have thought possible which bodes well for future competitions.

Meanwhile, Croatia is the home of Rimac - manufacturer of electric supercars like the Concept One:
Which looks a lot better before an Englishman crashes it: