Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Magnificent Seven

So here it is... Chris Evans' own words...

The new Top Gear line-up!

Not bad - not sure I'd go as far as "magnificent" (but that's probably only because I've not heard of one of them)

Eddie Jordan was a pleasant surprise - I enjoy a dour expert who isn't afraid to put over his point and get a good argument going.

Obviously, LeBlanc came on board this time last week.

I'm also very pleased that the lovely Sabine Scmitz is in there but I also know that the "politically correct" comments will have begun - especially since the unknown guy is a "gentleman of colour" - am I allowed to say that?  I'm sure these choices will wind up many people who thoroughly deserve to be wound up.


So, roll on May.  (not James May)

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  1. I'm quite pleased about this too: particularly as certain types of people are livid that there is no-one to utter racial slurs and twat the producer. Oh yes, it's political correctness gone mad!