Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Highway To Hell

Here's a 2014 story about a singing road in The States.

That may be an OK idea out in the middle of New Mexico.  Especially if National Geographic are paying for it.

Sietske Poepjes thinks it's a good idea.  So she spent just under £70K of not National Geographic's money installing one in The Netherlands.  She is described as a "local minister for infrastructure and cultural affairs".

But that does include the cost of removing it again after one day.

Whether or not she is still a local minister for infrastructure and cultural affairs isn't mentioned in this BBC story.

Apparently, if you build one near to where people live, it soon becomes very annoying for the local residents.

Especially if people start driving at twice the speed limit to hear the tune at twice the speed.

So Road Trippin' is out, even if you are King of the Road, be it Telegraph Road, Thunder Road, Electric Avenue or The Road to Nowhere.  Hit The Road, Jack - The Long and Winding Road.

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