Thursday, 26 April 2018

Danger - Low Bridge

Must have been REALLY low to do that to a Range Rover.

A brand new Velar at that.

Very embarrassing for the driver - who wasn't decapitated.

But that is because he was driving the car transporter it was riding on.

It happened yesterday morning on the M61, the Manchester Evening News story is here.

He also badly damaged another car on his transporter and a breakdown recovery vehicle which was behind him and was hit by the Velar's roof.

Fortunately, nobody was injured.

There's actually a bit of confusion in the article about whether it was a Velar or an Evoque.  Looks to me like one of each:
I particularly liked one of the comments which was added by a MEN Reader calling himself mancton:

"Fake news didn’t hit a bridge they’re all convertibles."

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