Monday, 29 May 2017

Motoring Offences

Ok, so what's the worst motoring crime?
  1. Driving while using the phone.
  2. Locking two children in the boot.
  3. Driving at 4TIMES the speed limit.
Two of these are pretty serious.

What? Only two of them?  Surely I can't be serious?

Well I am serious and don't call me Shirley.

Let's take them in order.

1. Driving while using the phone.
We have this story today from BBC News.  UK police caught almost 6,000 drivers using their mobile devices while driving in the four weeks after March 1st.  The significance of that date is that it was then that penalties for being caught were doubled plus any newly-passed drivers caught would have their licences revoked.  It looks like this is still not enough of a deterrent.
2. Locking two children in the boot.
Another BBC story - this time from yesterday where this woman,
Tori Castillo allegedly locked her 5 and 2 year old children into the boot of her car in Utah, USA while she went shopping.  She is facing child abuse charges and the children are now with their father.
Which brings us onto the not-so serious story about the chap convicted of...
3. Driving at 4TIMES the speed limit.
Fox News have this story.  The guilty party was one Walter Arnold and he committed the offence in Kent, UK.
He was driving this very car here: 
The constable who arrested him estimated he was doing a speed of approximately 8mph in a 2mph zone.  Actually, the entire country was a 2mph zone back in 1896 when this happened.  The article describes 2mph as "a little quicker than the average speed of an ambling cow."

The constable was on a bike but I reckon if he'd just upped his walking pace a little he would have still caught him anyway.

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