Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Bye Bye Bernie, Bernie Bye Bye


It's finally happened!

Good riddance to the horrible little man.
I bet they thought he would be there forever.  He's 86 and still going strong.

But not as chief executive officer running Formula 1 any more.

I can see what he was trying to do - make Formula 1 (and himself) richer and richer by various means including expanding it out to larger markets.  But to do that, he was alienating the existing markets.

Like the UK.

Obviously I've made no secret of my dislike of him - or his deal to take F1 off free-to-air - which brought in more Sky money but lost F1 many UK viewers.  Similar things have happened abroad.  I've pointed out his lack of morals.  I've also reported on his bribery charge.

But the five foot two-and-a-half inches tall dictator seems to be able to get away with stuff.

Unlike this six foot seven inch prat from Newcastle:
The story is here.

"I'm an excellent driver but I was advised to plead guilty to get it over with."

Yeah, right!

The court heard Elliott had 12 previous convictions for driving while disqualified.

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