Saturday, 3 September 2016

Antiseptic Cars

That phrase would, to me, imply boring cars.

Put that phrase into Google and it asks you if you meant "antiseptic cats".

Google Images just gives various pictures of antiseptic products - mostly with pictures of the Disney Pixar Cars characters on them.

However, this concept car, which offers "surfaces that hands will touch the most often are made of antiseptic material" looks far from boring:
It's not often that you see a futuristic concept car with Polish number plates.

But then again, this is from a Polish company.

It is an electric car with a range-extender engine.  The Autoguide article that pointed me in the direction of it claims that they intend to actually build it in limited numbers.

Which implies that it doesn't exist as of yet.  They say "A full-size prototype will debut at a major international auto show in the future and the sedan is slated to enter production after 2018."

I hope it does - I do like it, even if it doesn't have a front passenger seat - instead it has a mobile office/spa thing going on:
Those antiseptic surfaces look like veneer to me - they'll need antiseptic furniture polish.  If that comes with the car, it'll be Polish polish.

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