Friday, 1 July 2016

Not Run of The Mill

This is an interesting little article from Car+Driver today.

It is about this:
...which I know looks like what Batman would use on his day off to nip down to the shops.

But is actually a high-tech electric car created and used by "The Mill"

I know I seem to do a lot of articles on electric cars but this one will never hit the highway - and it may end up causing more people to buy non-electric cars.

For "The Mill" is a high-tech film & TV Effects Company based in London (although they do have branches abroad) who use this in car advertising.

Check out their Website.  Imagine having to create a website for "The Mill"

And check out this video showing how The Blackbird (which is what the car is called) can be used.

Being a Doctor Who fan, I first noticed The Mill when that show was re-launched in 2006 - by which time they were 16 years old. 

Just a shame they weren't going in the 1970s:

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