Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Jurgen Klopp has said he isn't interested in taking over the vacant Manchester United Managerial post.

But his brother Clippety might be up for it.

That joke, courtesy of Chris Evans, leads me into this story from Fox.

It is about a proposed electric vehicle that would replace the horse-drawn carriages that take tourists on rides around Central Park in New York City.

One big problem is that it looks vile:
The prototype was commissioned by NYCLASS, a group advocating for a ban on carriage horses because they say it's inhumane to have the animals working in an urban environment.  Now, I read "NYCLASS" as "NYC Lass" - ie a girl from New York City but I strongly suspect that they are "NY Class" but I'm afraid that vehicle just doesn't look classy - it looks huge for one thing - not conducive to a romantic trip around the park.
It has been dubbed the "Horseless eCarriage"which is what may be needed if the NYC Mayor and NYC Lass get their way.  There may well be good arguments for banning horses from the middle of Manhatten - I don't know, but it will be a shame if this is what replaces them.  I suggest something smaller and maybe more like the electric cars of a hundred years ago - Columbia Victoria anyone? - not to be confused with a Crown Victoria, of course, which is just a big car that is used to take tourists around New York.

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