Friday, 11 May 2018

Meanwhile, in a Ford Galaxy, Far, Far Away...

No it bloody wouldn't!  That's a Nissan!
And, worse than that - it's an SUV!
Wouldn't fancy taking that down the local high street, the view out is abysmal:
Also, I'd always assumed the MF was right-hand drive, like the USS Enterprise.  I thought Chewbacca was the driver.
Meanwhile, the Minecraft Millennium Falcon looks like an Oreo.
It's probably actually very clever - I'm not sure because I never ventured beyond Lego.  The info is here.
Meanwhile, back to Nissan:  What has Star Wars got to do with a Nissan X-Trail (for that is what that car really is) anyway?  Surely they'd be better with a Ford Falcon - especially a late '70s version from when Star Wars was good: 
Ah, well there's the clever bit.  In the US, the X-Trail is called The Rogue - as in Star Wars Rogue One - Geddit?
Meanwhile, back to the '70s when Star Wars was good (Phantom Menace put me off for ever) - another Japanese manufacturer produced a special Star Wars themed car, I give you the Toyota Celica GT - Star Wars Special:
Unlike the Nissan.
Last week, on Star Wars day, Car+Driver ran with this story about that car.  Today, nobody knows what happened to it.
Unusually for a Japanese car, I suspect it has broken down somewhere:

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