Saturday, 17 March 2018

Bowled Over

This lady is leaving BBC Radio 2:
Why is that motoring news?
Because she is the lovely Lynn Bowles (or "Elbow" to give her her Jennifer Lopez type name)
For many years, she has told me why I'm stuck in a traffic jam on the M53.  I don't think she's ever prevented me from actually getting stuck in said traffic jam on the M53 but that's probably more to do with a combination of the timings within Chris Evans' show and the time I happen to be eating my Special K in a morning.
She does the travel news.  And has done for 18 years - without the aid of a helicopter.
This article doesn't actually say WHY she is leaving, but it does imply that after 18 years of getting up at silly-o'clock every weekday, she fancies a few lie-ins from now on.
Can't say I blame her but I will miss her.  She has a great sense of humour that played very well against Chris Evans and against his predecessor, the late, great Sir Terry Wogan.
Plus, she's Welsh.

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