Monday, 5 February 2018

Grid Kids

No, that's not what I mean.
It was just over a week ago that I reported on the removal of Walk-On Girls from certain darts tournaments and how there was pressure on F1 to scrap their Grid Girls.
Then, a few days later, the BBC reported on F1 scrapping their Grid Girls.
Today, they announced what they will have to replace them - Grid Kids!  This is a very good idea - just not one that belongs to F1.
Formula E, being a bit more forward thinking, has been using them for a year.  Here is Oliver Turvey, no relation to Kevin, with a Grid Kid:
These are motorsport fans being given an amazing opportunity in the same way young football fans are who get to be child mascots walking out on to the pitch with their heroes.

Unfortunately, the BBC decided to open up these stories to comments and, for some reason, the BBC News website comments mostly attract the sort of person who believes the things The Mail and Sun tell them - the highest rated comments are always ignorant claptrap.  So, after reading some of them, I need cheering up - ah, Kevin's 'Ere:

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