Wednesday, 3 January 2018


Storm Sondors hates tradition and he hates industries.  He said so himself at The LA Auto Show - as reported by Car+Driver.

He also doesn't like driving.

Maybe that explains him coming up with this hateful item - which doesn't appear to have a name:
That is Storm, explaining it with a microphone.

It doesn't look too bad from that carefully angled photo though does it?  It's got the bland blank where you'd expect a radiator grille to be but that's sort of OK for it is an EV.

But an engine isn't all it is missing - look at the side view:
Car+Driver describe it as "stylish".  I can't explain that.  Cycle helmet anyone?
I'm afraid cars with only three wheels cannot look good.
Apart maybe for the Bond Bug:
Which unfortunately has the dodgy single-wheel-at-the-front thing going on.  Don't think I'd want to drive around a corner in one.

Now I have to admit that the Morgan 3-Wheeler is also cool - and has the single wheel at the correct end of the car:
But look what happens when you turn that into an EV:
 So ugly that even Ringo Starr driving it can't help.

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