Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Dodgy Policemen

The BBC tell us today that "Humberside Police defends social media pictures of officers on dodgems."

This annoys me.

Not the officers.

Or the BBC for telling us about them.

Here they are, by the way:
No, what annoys me is that they feel they have to defend themselves for what is, after all, just a bit of fun PR.

But The Sun doesn't see it like that.

The Sun claims that "residents were furious".

But, since The Sun is a pointless Tory rag read by thick people and most famous for its lies, I don't think Humberside Police have any need to defend themselves.

A spokesman for the killjoy Sun said the "newspaper" stands by its story.

He added: "We are happy with the story we ran and it speaks for itself."

They said that about Hillsborough too.

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