Thursday, 14 September 2017

Dig This Old MG

I saw a repeat of Time Team yesterday on Yesterday.

(For non-viewers of British TV, I can assure you that that sentence does make sense)

Phil Harding was his usual, fun, self.
He is still going strong and still works with Wessex Archaeology.
He doesn't get a mention on this BBC story involving Wessex Archaeology though.
While excavating an old military site on Salisbury Plain, they dug up an old MG J2:
I'm not sure how they could tell what it was - it looks like a soap-box derby cart to me but this is how it probably looked half-a-century ago:
They can tell by the tyre patterns that it was last used in the 1960s.
So it probably wasn't Roman.
Still very interesting though - and a change from looking for flint or dinosaurs.  Maybe they should expand their search? - this could be down there somewhere:

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