Monday, 21 August 2017

Does 200 Come With Fried Rice?

Chrysler 200 that is.
Looks like a local chip shop want to buy out Fiat Chrysler. 
You can't see that chip shop from space.  Various news sources have the story.  Here's what BBC Business have to say.
It would appear, though, that the Chinese are more interested in the Jeep part of Fiat Chrysler.
But they aren't ruling out a bid for the whole FCA she-bang.  If they'd gone for it last year, they could have got Ferrari too.
I chose the BBC story to link to because they picked up on something I had also thought - I can't see Mr.Trump being too happy with China owning a major US Car Corporation as well as a large chunk of the national debt.
Here's a Jeep toy that might make him feel better about it. 
As Mork would say...
Nano Nano.

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