Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sat-Nav Test

On December 4th, the practical bit of the British Driving Test changes.

The BBC tell us this here.

It sort of makes sense - bringing in the distractions posed by modern technology including switching on the rear-window heater while driving along. Hmm.  Not sure about that last bit - surely extracting CD 2 of Now That's What I Call Music 39 and playing Track 6 while driving along would be more realistic.

(and no, I picked it at random and can't be bothered looking up what that track actually is)

Another part of the new test will be taking orders from a Sat-Nav - I hope all Driving Instructors choose the Brian Blessed voice for their Sat-Navs.  It would be nice if the Sat-Nav could also include an instruction to turn on to a railway line to weed out the drivers who would just blindly follow it anyway.
There's no actual evidence that these unfortunate ladies suffered a Sat-Nav misdirection so I'll take you back to 2011, when my Blog was still young, for a few.

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