Wednesday, 29 March 2017

It's a Good Job Rose Royce Are American

Otherwise we could have the Rose Royce Rolls-Royce.

And that would be silly.

But would allow for a car wash joke.

Instead we have the Shirley Bassey Rolls-Royce, the Roger Daltrey Rolls-Royce and the Ronnie Wood Rolls-Royce.

Plus six more.

Autocar have the story today of how a series of Wraiths have been commissioned to celebrate nine British music icons.  They claim to have collaborated with them and the resulting cars will be sold off for charities nominated by the stars.

Given that a Wraith goes for about a quarter of a million pounds, I'm not sure how the funding of this is happening - maybe it's worth it for the publicity for owners BMW.

Here's The Daltrey one - it looks like it's got a concave bonnet:
But it hasn't.

I'm not sure how they've collaborated with Sir George Martin (who is one of the celebratees - if that's a word) given that he died about a year ago.

Ray Davies of The Kinks has one too but that leaves four unaccounted for.

David Bowie and George Michael would be obvious choices but again, difficult to collaborate with now.

Also, all of the other musicians are all getting on a bit so maybe Elton John would be too young for consideration too.

Which just leaves Cliff Richard who wouldn't want a Wraith as he was always associated with Shadows.

There's Paul McCartney of course.

Or they could do one in memory of his writing partner:
Perhaps not.

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