Saturday, 4 February 2017

Bad Couple of Days for Corsa Owners

Although this picture is a red herring because it is from an old 2014 BBC News item.

The poor Corsa owners I am referring to here are from more recent BBC News stories.

This elderly gent has had his Corsa vandalised because of its colour:
The story is here.  He parks his car outside his cottage in a very picturesque Gloucestershire village where it has come under criticism for spoiling the view with its "ugly" bright yellow paintwork.  I say some people ought to get a life. 

Defiant 84-year-old Peter Maddox said if the car was too expensive to repair, he would buy a replacement - in lime green.  Good on him, although I would add the proviso that the replacement was a particularly tatty old car in lime green - just so that it would further infuriate those concerned about the aesthetics and also so that further vandalism would have little effect.

The article does not mention whether or not the Police were involved but maybe he wouldn't want them involved after what happened to an unfortunate Corsa driver who was taken ill in Workington, Cumbria.

That BBC story is here.

The bomb squad were called after concerns about an unattended Vauxhall Corsa at Workington police station.  The building was evacuated, a 100m cordon put in place and the vehicle blown up.

They had carried out a controlled explosion on the vehicle that had been left there by a some of their own officers who had earlier come to the aid of its poorly driver.

They apologised to the owner.

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