Monday, 13 June 2016

Everything's Going To Be All Right

I promise that this is the last Top Gear review-type thing I do for this series.

During the week I came to the revelation that Chris Evans was doomed to failure - I saw him as David Moyes trying to fill the impressive shoes of Sir Alex Ferguson.

I say "impressive" reluctantly as someone who does NOT support Man United.

But whoever took over from the red-faced one with anger-management issues was never going to win over the fans of just about the biggest franchise in the World unless the resulting performances were brilliant.

And they weren't.

So he got the push.

Then Louis Van Gaal took over.

Same result.

I saw the same thing happening with Top Gear - Chris gets the gig for one Season, then someone else takes over but doesn't improve things, then Jose Mourinho gets the job and all is well again.

But maybe, after last night's performance, the tide is turning.  I think this was the first show filmed after the disastrous reaction to show 1.

Evans was noticeably less shouty and Matt LeBlanc seemed to be leading the studio bits.  The newcomers were allowed in to comment on their films and the interview was enjoyable - although Kevin Hart had a lot to do with that and Anthony Joshua played his part too.

Overall, I thought, "Everything's Going To Be All Right." - and so did the press.


Here's the Mirror view and here's the Telegraph.

I think the back-room team might just be able to sort this.

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