Sunday, 27 March 2016

April Fuel

Found myself reading this Car+Driver article today about this man:
His name is Nygârd Lünd.He is a giant, Norwegian-born, billionaire who grows apricots and orchids and wants to re-invent the car.

Or would be if he existed.

It is a brilliantly written article, definitely worth a click.  I didn't initially think it was an April Fool joke because, well - it isn't April yet.

But the clues are there.

Like, "From the April 2016 issue" and, when discussing the neighbourhood where all the research goes on, “It doesn’t even show up on Google Maps.”

And the fact that as you read on, it becomes less and less plausible.

This guy is supposed to have developed a fuel derived from using apricots in elctrolysis to generate power.
An "Apricot Fuel" as it were.

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