Saturday, 24 October 2015

Oil Painting

I do like a Lego story.

So I was all ready to post something about this one from Autoguide.
They are asking readers to vote to get this rather nice BMW M3 (E30 flavour) made into a saleable model kit.

But then this Autoguide story caught my eye.

This one is about photographer Freddy Fabris using car mechanics to recreate several world-famous Renaissance paintings.

Here is is take on "The Anatomy Lesson" by Rembrandt:
And here is one that Rembrandt himself made earlier:
I do hope that these really are car mechanics pratting about and not actors.

Here's the Fabris version of "The Last Supper" by da Vinci (with added halo):
And again, the orginal (with added doorway underneath)
I particularly like the phrase from the Autoguide write-up that goes, "Blending two worlds that seemingly would never meet, considering automobiles didn’t exist during the Renaissance period"

Having said that, I did hear that Judas had a chariot.

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