Wednesday, 5 September 2018

No 68 Reg

Today is the 5th of September 2018.

On the 1st, the new 68 registration plates came out.

I've not seen any yet.  Although it took me until the 3rd to notice that I hadn't noticed any.

I've been actively looking since then.

I've seen lots of 18s but no 68s.

So I was surprised to see this Autocar article claiming that "New-car registrations surge in August to highest in years."  Then I read it properly with my brain in gear and everything makes sense.

Of course, it said August - not September.  August being the last month of the 18 plates.

For those non-British people and those British people with lives, this tries to explain the current system of number plate registrations.

According to the Autocar article, "New WLTP (World harmonised Light vehicles Test Procedure) regulations, which determine that all cars manufactured after 1 September this year must have been put under a stricter emissions testing regime"

so... "car makers have been registering cars in bulk before the new rules coming into place. This stock can still be sold on forecourts for another year."

Meanwhile, I'm still looking forward to next year:

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